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Service Advantage
In the spirit of maintaining the credibility of Zhejiang Wuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. and being responsible to customers, we specially implement the "Three Guarantees" for the products sold. The regulations are as follows: 1. To respond quickly to the quality problems reported by customers, investigate and understand the cause and nature of the problems, carefully deal with the legitimate requirements of customers, solve the problems in a timely and satisfactory manner, and send personnel to the site immediately for major quality information. 2. If the product is found to have manufacturing quality problems within 7 days from the date of sale, and the surface of the product is not damaged, the customer can choose to return, replace or repair. 3. Within 16 days from the date of sale, if the product has quality problems due to product manufacturing, and the product surface is not damaged, customers can choose to replace or repair. 4. During the warranty period, free warranty is implemented for quality problems of the product itself. The warranty period is six months in harsh environments such as high temperature, dust, sour gas, and open air; and one year in general indoor environments. 5. If the quality problem is caused by the operator's improper use or is out of the warranty period, the repair will be given, and the repair cost and return freight will be borne by the customer. 6. Zhejiang Wuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. promises to customers that under the condition of strictly operating in accordance with JB9010-1999 "Safety Rules for Chain Hoists", the company shall bear the losses caused by product manufacturing quality problems; and the losses caused by the violation of operating procedures to customers, The company does not bear it, but provides repairs and other services for a fee. 7. The hoist products are operated and maintained in strict accordance with the instruction manual. The safety rules shall be implemented with reference to the "Safety Rules for Chain Blocks". Zhejiang Wuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. sincerely invites customers to operate and maintain in strict accordance with the instruction manual and JB9010-1999 "Safety Rules for Chain Hoists" when using "Double Pigeon" products. For customers who use "Double Pigeon" and "May Day", please call 0570-3830128 Marketing Department to establish a user profile for you or call 8008579851 toll free for consultation at any time. We hope that customers will put forward their valuable opinions on "Shuangge" and "Wuyi" brand manual hoist products. May "Double Pigeon" and "May 1st" be your trusted friend and reliable helper!
Deal with issues within 15 minutes
All customers who inquire about cargo transportation prices, cargo arrival time, cargo safety and other issues through the telephone will give them clear and satisfactory answers within 15 minutes
After all the compensation is verified by the relevant person in charge of the company in detail the reasons for the damage and loss of the goods, the customer will be satisfied with the solution within 24 hours.
Compensation processing within 24 hours
Strictly implement the delivery standards of May 1st Company,
Explain the situation to the receiving customer as soon as possible, and unconditionally bear the losses caused thereby
Adhere to the implementation standards of major accidents of the May 1st company, notify the shipping and receiving customers as soon as possible, and settle the claims as soon as possible
Delivery delay
Incident handling
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