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Why is the price of chain hoists uneven in the market?

Issuing time:2020-06-16 21:57

I believe that some customers will definitely shop around when purchasing hand-drawn products. At this time, customers will find that the quotations of different manufacturers are also different, why are the prices of chain hoists uneven?

1. Brand influences price In the market, each manufacturer has its own brand. Although the appearance of the product is similar, the difference of the brand will also cause the price difference. Some manufacturers' brands are relatively well-known in the market, and the prices are relatively higher. And some manufacturers have lower brand awareness and lower prices

2. The quality of the chain hoist Each chain hoist has its own value, the design of the chain hoist, the choice of material, and the quality. These will affect the price of chain hoists. Although there are a lot of similar products on the market with similar appearances, the prices are quite different. This is the reason why the quality and material of the chain hoist itself affect the price.

3. Production of chain hoists

Different manufacturers of chain hoists produce different cost of chain hoists and lever hoists, which also results in different prices.

The above three are some factors that affect the price of chain hoists.

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